This blog was created with the intention of sharing my creative practice journey. As for the “darlings”, that is a nod towards our grandkids. I try to include creative activities with them as well.


Watercolor mixing Chart

This took a while to complete. So glad I took the time to make this chart. Mistakes were made, learning also happened.

First, I should have labeled the grid according to instructions. But adding the colors on the horizontal line with the pencil name worked okay. Second, I would have used some masking fliud to avoid bleed over’s. Or at least larger cell squares.

This is all my Daniel Smith Watercolors.

I will make a second color mixing chart for the other brands.

On sharing Creative space – supplies – experience – “know how”

I could very easily stay to myself~happly so.

But in sharing our “Creative Practice”, I have been inspired over and again simply by being a part of the always happy surprise of someone else’s culmilative heratiage, character and deepest expression of self. Explicitly on a page, or board or composition. Seeing and being a part of that, while it’s happening is inspiration to my creative soul.

Creative Practice

I have made this blog with the intention of documenting our creative practice pursuits.

About “for the darlings”, that is a nod to our Granddaughters. I will share their journey along with mine. It is my hope that readers can glean information and inspiration following the journey with us.

I am a full time Nana with lots of learning activities squeezed in along with art and creative play. I am also an artist. I try my best to do something creative everyday. For example, sometimes it’s just sketchbook practice. Sometimes I work only in watercolor. Other times I will work on a craft.

The Creative Process is a journey. Many, many stops along the way. I invite you to follow along on this journey.
Yours truly, Nana~Natalie